All of the 2021 cria have arrived, and two are already sold, although they will not leave their dams until they are about 8 months old.

Most of the cria are sold once they are weaned at about six to eight months age. The sale prices will depend on how the cria develop, degree of Argentine heritage, etc. When those factors for each cria become clearer we will price the cria and move it's information to the appropriate "Males" or "Females" web page.


Millstream Angelique

DOB May 26, 2021

Argentine Santino x Forest Green Cahlie


Angelique arrived on May 26, weighing in at 28 lbs. She was on her feet and nursing within 30 minutes. Angelique is a healthy, lively cria and will be for sale once she is weaned.





Millstream Pedro

DOB May 27, 2021

Argentine Satino x Millstream Sparkle


Pedro came into this world with a lot of help from Dr. Pete - hence his name! He is many shades of brown with a ginger beard. A good looking cria!




Millstream Ebony

DOB June 06, 2021

Argentine Santino x Fortune's Venus

Introducing Ebony (pictured at 3 days old). A beautiful jet black cria weighing in at 19 lbs. She is already a "star".


I'm sure this is how it works!


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