Fortune's Lexus


DOB August 24, 2013

ILR #286964

Fortune's Inkheart x Argentine Palmira (ET)

Lexie is from Armstrong, BC, and is seven-eighths Argentine with very correct conformation. She has lovely, rare black fibre. Lexie delivered a beautiful little appaloosa cria in 2019 (Lily) and a very striking male cria (Finnegan) in 2020.




Millstream Maxine

DOB June 09, 2010

Poco Rojo (ET) x Winchester's Thedra

Maxine is a very gentle and quiet llama and is an offspring of our stud, Poco. Maxine was bred to our full-Argentine stud, Santino, and in 2020 produced 

Smoky Joea handsome boy with gorgeous fibre.




Millstream Aryanne

DOB July 21, 2009

Hot Shot's Van Gogh x Stage Stop Sonja

Aryanne is one of our favourite llamas. She has a mellow, friendly personality and continues to give us crias who have the same disposition. Aryanne delivered a beautiful little female cria (Nutmeg) in 2019.




DPDL Dominique

DOB December 22, 2008

Bolivian Crown Jewells x MGF Bavarian Chocolate

Dominique is definitely our herd "Queen" and is one of our most friendly llamas. She has produced very striking crias from our stud Poco. Dominique gave us a beautiful appaloosa cria (Annie) in Spring 2020.




Winchester's Thedra

DOB May 25, 1996

Forest Green Winchester x Miss Tessa

Ht. 39", AMLA-registered foundation female.

ILR #176236

Thedra is a very sweet tempered and friendly lady who came to our farm in late-2007. She is ageing very gracefully and is now 24 years old. She loves to be brushed and will always come running when she sees someone with a brush in their hand.

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